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The purpose of this page is to share not only sample data, but background information on the systems we're sampling. We will periodically update this page with new data as it is gathered by our maintenance providers. For more detailed information on specific Eliminite models, such as models designed to treat higher strength waste, please call 406-581-1613 or email We're looking forward to sharing field data from some recently-installed commercial systems, so check back often.

Osprey Environmental Study

This is going back a few years, but please review this 16-month study funded by the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation in northwestern Montana. The Eliminite system was called the "D-Nite" back then and our company was named Fluidyne Engineering (this was before we'd hired any marketing gurus). When we added the manufacturing branch of our company, we--and our products--became Eliminite.

Contaminant Transport Simulation (Biological Nitrification/Denitrification Presentation)



Our firm doesn't just design and build wastewater treatment systems; we also offer comprehensive engineering services specific to the decentralized industry, including hydraulic analysis and design, contaminant transport simulation, site evaluations, and more.

After 10 years, Red Sky Ranch Community System Still Going Strong. One of the first larger-scale decentralized Eliminite systems was installed at Red Sky Ranch ski and golf resort community in Wolcott, CO in 1999. The system is currently operating near its design flow. A recent effluent sample showed 11.6mg/L Total Nitrogen*:



*Specific identifying details are omitted for client privacy.

These two samples were taken from two different Yellowstone Club systems in Big Sky, Montana, in an alpine climate at an altitude of 9,000 ft. Wastewater temperature was approximately 40 degrees at the time of sampling. The sample detailed above was taken immediately after Labor Day weekend, when the home owners had more than a dozen visitors vacationing with them for the long holiday weekend, so the system had just experienced larger-than-average flows for an extended period prior to sampling. This is a seasonal-use system.

The sample below was taken from an Eliminite system serving a full-time, rather than a seasonal-use, residence.