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Eliminite systems serve Pictograph Caves and Lewis and Clark Caverns State Parks. Pictograph Caves State Park in Billings, MT and Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park in Whitehall, MT are both served by Eliminite advanced wastewater treatment systems. Both are located in rugged terrain in remote locations. Extreme winter conditions, seasonal use patterns, high-strength influent and variable flow were just a few of the challenging aspects of these sites. The Eliminite system was selected for its resistance to upsets, its proven performance in seasonal use applications, and its comparatively low maintenance requirements.


Pictograph Caves State Park Installation. Eliminite assembly time: 8hrs


Lewis and Clark Caverns Installation: Top of Eliminite

system as it is lowered by the crane.


Bottom half of Eliminite, full of MetaRocks. Total

Installation time: 6hrs







Residential Eliminite system serves custom home in mountains of Ruidoso, NM.


Cannon Industries of Ruidoso supplied the containment vessels and installation labor on this single-family residential Eliminite system. This exemplifies the kind of clean, simple installation that Eliminite clients expect and appreciate. A special thank-you to Colin Cannon and his skilled staff for their hard work.



Residental Eliminite system serves a remote, seasonal-use cabin in the mountains outside of Ruidoso, NM. This Eliminite/Geoflow drip irrigation system were installed on a steep slope, where site disruption needed to be kept to a minimum. Cannon Industries completed this installation without sacrificing any of the site's mature pine trees and without compromising slope stability.



Eliminite/Geoflow combination serves custom single-family residence at Red Sky Ranch, CO. Red Sky Ranch is served exclusively by clustered, community and individual Eliminite systems.