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MetaRocks® are the patented, proprietary treatment media found exclusively in Eliminite's patented treatment technologies.  MetaRocks® are an innovative biomimicry-based solution where the biological principles at work in rivers and streams have been harnessed and optimized in the form of MetaRocks®.  MetaRocks® provide an ideal environment for the selective, controlled biofilm growth necessary to achieve optimal advanced treatment results--specifically, Nitrogen removal.  


MetaRocks® are simple by design, and robust in their ability to withstand the upsets, high strength influent and harsh climates common in decentralized projects.  Their size, composition, shape, contours, natural surface and proprietary closed-cell synthetic blend core combine to create an hospitable environment for beneficial microorganism growth.  MetaRocks® natural surface facilitates even, uniform wetting conditions necessary to grow the thin but robust biofilm needed to provide treatment even under harsh conditions.  MetaRocks® achieve the ideal biofilm layer thickness for onsite applications where frequent maintenance and pumping isn't an option--the film is thick enough for microbes to safely attach, but still thin enough for effective oxygen transfer to occur, thereby preventing anerobic conditions and excessive biofilm growth.  The open pore spaces and deep channels within the MetaRocks® media bed allow passive air transfer so the microorganisms can survive without forced air in most cases.  The MetaRocks® were developed and tested in extreme mountain conditions; they are self insulating and clog-free, and therefore superior to most other packed bed media on the market today.  Call 888-406-2289 or email to learn more.

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